Periode Tanggal Hari Hasil
1238 16-Apr-21 Jumat 4693
1237 15-Apr-21 Kamis 4365
1236 14-Apr-21 Rabu 4789
1235 13-Apr-21 Selasa 3489
1234 12-Apr-21 Senin 6447
1233 11-Apr-21 Minggu 5364
1232 10-Apr-21 Sabtu 3869
1231 09-Apr-21 Jumat 2794
1230 08-Apr-21 Kamis 7035
1229 07-Apr-21 Rabu 6843


About Ambonpools.com

Ambonpools Games of Fortune are very high tech and completely transparent. All games are played through highly sophisticated terminals and the draws are conducted through special draw machines, which are completely automatic. Ambonpools has also appointed an independent auditing firm to validate each draw result. The machines and the related equipment utilized are properly checked and validated before each draw to ensure that there is no tampering.