Periode Tanggal Hari Hasil
1289 06-Jun-21 Minggu 1644
1288 05-Jun-21 Sabtu 2379
1287 04-Jun-21 Jumat 4966
1286 03-Jun-21 Kamis 6355
1285 02-Jun-21 Rabu 7488
1284 01-Jun-21 Selasa 8244
1283 31-Mei-21 Senin 9125
1282 30-Mei-21 Minggu 3612
1281 29-Mei-21 Sabtu 3645
1280 28-Mei-21 Jumat 1987
1279 27-Mei-21 Kamis 2122


About Ambonpools.com

Ambonpools Games of Fortune are very high tech and completely transparent. All games are played through highly sophisticated terminals and the draws are conducted through special draw machines, which are completely automatic. Ambonpools has also appointed an independent auditing firm to validate each draw result. The machines and the related equipment utilized are properly checked and validated before each draw to ensure that there is no tampering.